The market as well as the customer demands quality. But what exactly is “quality”? Quality is something that involves appreciation. It is not a concrete idea, but it can certainly be applied  to any company. Quality only feels like quality when the final product as well as the way the final product came about come up to the raised expectations.

To provide insight in these expectations I will examine the current state of the company to the last detail.

The moment the final product  has been formulated clearly and has been well defined, the actual work begins. One way to streamline a process is to apply the quality cycle of Deming. This cycle specifies four successive steps to achieve quality improvement:  Plan, Do, Check and Act.

Based on the required quality standards as determined for your enterprise we apply the PDCA cycle to your company and your quality target. It is also of vital importance that the principle has been made clear to even the lowest level involved. It is a fact that the current market not only requires for the supplier to supplies a quality product, but also to take responsibility for all preceding business processes.

Quality is increasingly  commercialized. I myself prefer the personal approach. How? For instance by conducting an audit.  Obviously it is no coincidence that this word stems of the Latin verb “audire”, “to listen”