Accidents do not “just happen”. They are the top of an iceberg of hazardous situations. Often an unsafe situation has been the subject of discussion many times over before a serious accident eventually occurs. Most of the iceberg is invisible.

One might say that safety is the total of “non-happening-events”. To reduce that number of “almost-accidents” I concentrate on prevention and elimination of unsafe situations and actions.

In this context routine is a silent killer. For that reason I go deeply into the business processes and investigate what the high-risk areas lie. Then the hazard points have to be indicated and recorded. Their justification, however, has to come from the shop floor. It is for me stimulate and coach the staff to recognise the importance of safety and make them act accordingly.

Transformation management often meets with opposition. By personal contact and empathy I will make the staff aware of the importance of safety for their company. Commitment is the key here to melt the iceberg.