Evalotta also specializes in development and implementation of SharePoint solutions.

You want to be mobile. You are not on the same location each day. You closely cooperate with colleagues on varying locations and you still want to have access to expertise and share new information and ideas. You want to be kept up-to-date at al times.

With SharePoint you have a central web platform at your disposal for sharing documents, planning activities, data analysis and much more.

Your data is safe and always accessible.
A brief overview of what (a?) SharePoint offers:

  • Document management, including editing and filing (saving, storing?);
  • Organize and manage information (content?);
  • Version management;
  • Various possibilities to search and retrieve;
  • Create multiple surveys from a single database;
  • Share know-how;
  • Optimize business communication and data exchange;
  • Connection via webDAV.

A few examples of applications with a SharePoint:
Project management, quality control, document management, communication platform for customers, intranet & extranet. More information?